Moissanites are one of a kind mineral that is famous for making jewelries especially for engagement rings.

Moissanite got its name from Henri Moissan, a French scientist who discovered it in 1893 from a meteorite sample in Canyon Diablo, Arizona.

It is very similar to diamonds in appearance and durability that some people couldn’t even tell the difference.

Though comparing to diamonds, moisannites are cheaper and more brilliant which comes in different shapes and sizes.

Best Forever Brilliant Moissanite

Forever Moissanite by Charles and Colvard is first and leading source around the world known to produce amazing and quality moisanettes in jewelries.

Considered second to diamond, it’s definitely worth your money.

If your looking for jewelries that still look as stunning as a diamond, try these following 10 products by Forever Moissanite.

1. Bravo – Round Forever Brilliant® or Classic Moissanite Earrings


Women who loves simple yet classic and beautiful would love this Bravo solitaire stud earrings.

The main feature of the earring is a stunning colorless stone with a round brilliant cut. You can chose the weight and carat of the center stone from 4.0 to 9.0mm and 0.25- 2.75ct respectively. The metal stamp is 14k which comes in white and gold.

Next to a pair of diamond earrings, Bravo moissanite is just as fabulous.

It has just the right amount of balance and would certainly complement your everyday look.

2. Jovana Round Forever Brilliant Moissanite pendant


Another classic beauty, showcases a sparkling colorless 6.00 mm center stone with a round brilliant cut and 0.80 carat.14k white gold

This sparkling classic pendant comes with a sterling silver stamp with an18 inch chain to complete the look.

If your looking for an elegant yet classic pendant, you might want to try this.

Simply gorgeous, it can be used for special occasions but not too forward for casual and everyday look.

Eye catching and impressive to be on its own, it’s not necessary to add other jewelries when wearing this pendant.

3. Triad Three Stone Ring


Fall in love once again with this captivating Triad ring showcasing its dazzling three stone ring in square cut.
The 6.00mm center stone lets you choose the carat weight from 0.80- 1.70ctw.

Overall, the ring size is 6 and weighs 1.20 to 3.30ctw.

In a polished 14k metal stamp in white and yellow gold.
The three stones symbolizes your past, present and future with your love which stands the test of time.

4. Shonda-Princess Cut Necklace


Break out of your shell and be bold and daring with this the Shonda princess cut necklace.

Crafted in sophistication, this will surely catch anyone’s attention with its style capturing that of a double tear drop image. The outer tear drop frame is designed with shining silver polished with sparkling round brilliant cut gems on the right side.

The amazing inner tear drop is in luminous 10k yellow gold.

The 0.90 carat, near -colorless center stone featuring a princess cut shape in 5.5mm.

Attached to an 18 inch chain, It looks modern and bold yet stunning.

5. Andraste Trillion Cut Moissanite Ring


Breathe taking and immaculately crafted, this will surely catch anyone’s attention with its stunning yet unique trillion cut stone ring.

It’s definitely not one of your traditional rings with its innovative 1.00 ct center stone breathtaking design in7.0mm.

Polished with 0.10ctw dazzling side stones in 14k metal stamp available in white and yellow gold

6. Chevonne-Radiant Cut Green Moissanite Halo Pendant


Looking for a stunning pendant yet not too over the top for your everyday wardrobe?
The Chevonne-Green Moissanite Halo Pendant is your answer!

It features a magnificent emerald cut in natural green solitaire stone in 6.0×4.0mm and 0.55 carat.
This lovely pendant exudes charm embellished with sparkling accent gems in round brilliant cut.

Suspended from an 18 inch chain in 14k white gold.

7. Pink Moissanite Three Stone Necklace

Regular Price: $1,399.00
Special Price: $599.00

This beautiful necklace features a pink round brilliant cut three stone cut, available from 6.00mm to 0.80carat.
It is stunningly complimented by two round cut side stones.

Hanging from 18 inch chain in shining white gold 14k metal stamp.

For that sweet and charming girl in your life, a lovely Pink moissanite three stone necklace would make the her smile.

Perfect for any special occasions.

8. The Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Moissanite Ring


Simply a masterpiece of nature, The Golden South Sea Pearl, with it’s beautiful natural color, is considered as the most beautiful and Precious pearls in the world.

It is only located in The Philippines thus gaining its name, some small pearl farms are also found in Indonesia.the handling of the Oysters that produces the pearls are taken with great care to produce the best pearls.

Dangling from an 18 inch chain in 14k available in white and yellow gold, presenting the south sea golden pearl as the center stone in 10.0-11.0mm. On top of it is a 0.15 carat round brilliant cut moissanite in 3.5mm.

Elegant and classic that can o with anything in your wardrobe.

A perfect gift for your special someone to let them feel how rare and beautiful gem they are.

9. Volare -Oval Moissanite Men’s Ring


This gorgeous near- colorless 0.90 carat Moissanite Men’s Ring says it all-bold and masculine.

The Volare, a name for a bold ring exudes masculinity for that special man in your life.

Glistening in 14k Yellow Gold with an impressive gleaming center stone in oval shape.

It is itricately designed in14k metal stamp yellow gold and handcrafted upon your order.

10. Claudine -Cushion Cut Forever Classic Moissanite Halo Ring


Make her feel like a million bucks with this mesmerizing bridal ring is made out of a dazzling 1.30 carat colorless cushion cut stone center in 6.5mm as its main attraction.

It is enhanced by 1.55 carat sparkling accents gems around it.

Craftily placed in a rhodium plated silver, it looks so elegant and classy.

This glorious ring would instantly make your bride say “I do”.

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