Moissanite is a mineral first discovered by Henri Moissan when examining rock samples from a meteor in Arizona. Moissanite is often interchangeably mistaken for a diamond because of its similarity in appearance. However, one can distinguish it from diamond because of its too bright color especially when expose to the sun and its tendency to change colors unlike diamonds who maintain the white brilliance. The mineral is equally hard and durable like diamonds. Due to its scarcity, most jewelry made by moissanites are laboratory created.

Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite mineral is often use in engagement rings due to each cheaper value and durability. Many jewelry lovers especially those who will be married or those who want to give gifts for the loved ones would like to purchase moissanite to save money and to avoid buying too expensive items. Newly-weds prefer to buy these items to avoid trouble with money in the new stage of life that they are going to have.

To give you a brief overview of the top ten best moissanite engagement rings, here’s a list with short descriptions:

1. Round and Brilliant Moissanite Two Stone Ring

This is made by Charles & Colvard and has been made as a symbol of commitment. Depending upon the buyer’s preference, it comes with 14k yellow, white or rose gold. The cut stones are displayed in gem-lined bypassing shank.

2. Libby 2.00 CTW Libby Ring

This is full of delicate designs to choose from in this 14 K Yellow Gold Wraps Moissanite wrapped around a handcrafted ring. It also has an eight (8) round gemstone. This ring is full of exquisite details suitable for uniqueness and beauty.

3. Margie – 9.5CTW Radiant Cut Natural Green Moissanite Halo Ring

This is also a 14K white gold with a unique naturally green stone. It is cut radiantly with two accent gems adorn in either side of the center stone. The side stone shape has a round brilliant cut.

4. Farren – 0.55 – 1.05CTW Round Brilliant Moissanite Two Stone Ring, 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold

This attractive ring is created with a sparkling style due to the four round cut accent gems positioned in diamond shaped frames. The shank are brightly polished to have the perfect look. A pair of round gemstones are on top of the polished pranks.

5. Elmira – .80 – 1.30 CTW Round Brilliant Moissanite Two Stone Ring, 14K White, Yellow, Rose or Two-Tone Gold

If you want a thinner and sleek ring, this is one for you. The pair of sparkling cut stones are wrapped in a brightly polished bypassing ribbon. Accent gems are surrounding the ring for more attraction, brilliance and elegance fit for any occasion.

6. Annello 14k Gold 6.5 mm Round-cut Moissanite and 3/5 ct TDW Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

This is unique because it has three-stone ring features and two diamond side stones. It also has a high-polish finish. Further, ten additional accent diamonds are encircled on the sides. The center stone is a gemstone with a fiery appearance similar to diamond. The ring setting measures 6.7 mm H x 15.8 mm W x 7.5 mm L, and the band measures 2 mm W. This also has a Moissanite Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee the quality of your purchase.

7. 66ct Round Moissanite Antique Reproduction Ring, Model No. Agnes

The antique reproduction rings are patterned from the 17th to 19th centuries to give a rare and old yet beautiful look of the ring. These are made and cast from an authentic hand-carved molds. Die stuck stamps instead of lost-wax casting process are used to make a unique antique design. Due to this, the ring may not be 100% symmetrical when examined at a closer look yet this is one feature not found in any other due to its hand-made production. This particular ring is designed with brilliant Moissanite center stone.

8. Annello 14k Gold Cushion-cut Moissanite and 1/2ct TDW Diamond Engagement Ring (G-H, I1-I2)

The center stone of this moissanite is a gemstone with round-cut side diamonds down the 14-karat gold band. The gemstone color is white, with white cushion measuring 6 mm wide. The total gemstone weight is 1 1/10 carats DEW.

The finish is also high polish with ring setting dimensions of 6.27 mm wide x 6.31 mm long x 6.30 mm high and band dimension of 1.60 mm wide which includes a Moissanite Certificate of Authenticity. The diamond total weight is 1/2* carat TW.

9. Annello 14k Gold Moissanite and 3/8ct TDW Diamond Engagement Ring

This is creatively made with vintage style. The gemstone is in the middle of 40 pave-set round-cut side diamonds. The prong-set measures 7.5 mm and weighs 1 1/2 carats while the diamonds are 40 round-cut 3/8 carat on the sides.

Varieties are 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold or 14k rose gold with high-polish finish which also includes a certificate of authenticity. Measurements are 2.1 mm wide for the band and 4.45 mm H x 11.45 mm W x 11.55 mm L for the ring setting. The diamond total weight is 3/8* carat TW. Overall, the product could endure over a long passage of time due to a combination of its durable materials.

10. Annello 14k Gold Cushion-cut Moissanite and 3/5ct TDW Diamond Bridal Ring Set

This is a 14-karat white gold with 6-mm cushion-cut moissanite gemstone and 3/5 carats of princess-cut side diamonds. There are 14 diamonds are 14 with a weight of 3/5 carat. The total gemstone weight is 1 1/10 carats.
This has a high polish finish with ring setting dimensions of 6 mm wide x 7.5 mm high, band of 2 mm wide which includes a Moissanite Certificate of Authenticity for your assurance.

If you want to purchase these items and know more about moissanites, information are highly available through internet search and you can contact sellers online who can describe and tell you everything about these precious engagement rings. However, you must be careful on your purchase and check first of the legitimacy of said companies to avoid scams. Better yet, if they have stores and branches nearer your area, you can directly go there for said purchase.

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